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December 12, 2005

MSN inks cellphone deal with China Unicom

Posted by David Hunter at 6:09 PM ET.

According to People’s Daily, MSN agreed to provide instant messaging and other MSN Mobile services for China Unicom cellphone customers and Samsung, LG, and Haier have agreed to pre-install MSN in some cellphone models.

MSN has 9.5 million PC-based subscribers in China, still lagging far behind its rival Tencent which has 140 million subscribers for its QQ, an online chatting service. A large part of Tencent’s QQ users use mobile service which jointly provided by Tencent and its two partners, China Mobile and China Unicom.

To compete with QQ, Microsoft has forged alliance with China Mobile which has 250 million users and with China Unicom which has more than 125 million users. In September this year, Microsoft signed an agreement with China Mobile to offer mobile MSN service.

These are additional service offerings , so MSN didn’t automatically gain 375 million new users in the the two deals. If you aren’t familiar with the MSN Mobile offerings, here’s the web site.

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One Response to “MSN inks cellphone deal with China Unicom”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » MSN India and Mobile 365 Sign Up Five Mobile Operators Says:

    [...] On the heels of the deal just announced to expand MSN Mobile offerings in China, Microsoft announced an expansion of MSN services for cellphone users in India. Press release: MSN, a leading online destination featuring more than 360 million users worldwide, and Mobile 365, the global leader in mobile messaging and data services, today extend their relationship in Asia by forging strategic mobile alliances with five mobile operators in India. [...]

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