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September 26, 2005

MSN Launches Paid-Search Service in France and Singapore

Posted by David Hunter at 7:37 AM ET.

Press Release:

Sept. 26, 2005 — Today, Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of the MSN® Information Services & Merchant Platform division, opened the second annual Advertising Week 2005 in New York City by announcing the official launch of adCenter in France and Singapore. adCenter powers a paid-search service from MSN that provides advanced audience intelligence and targeting capabilities to help advertisers improve their return on investment when it comes to paid-search advertising.

The official launch of adCenter in France today and Singapore on Aug. 31 follows successful pilot programs in both countries. U.S. testing of adCenter is set to begin in October.

In the near future, adCenter will become a one-stop shop from which advertisers can manage all their MSN advertising campaigns, end to end, including display and direct ads. In addition, advertisers will be able to use advanced targeting tools and audience intelligence data to reach their desired audiences across the MSN network. Advertisers interested in learning more or signing up for adCenter can go to

This is the Google AdWords competitor with the added twist of “audience intelligence data” which has already upset privacy advocates. For a critical review, see Charles Jade’s Microsoft unveils adCenter from earlier this year.

UPDATE: See also Sunday’s NY Times article by Saul Hansell available on CNET.

One further note:

Because of adCenter, Yahoo will likely feel some financial pain relatively soon. It has a profit sharing arrangement with MSN to do the same thing as adCenter.

The Yahoo/Microsoft agreement expires in June 2006. It is Rosoff’s understanding that this means “Yahoo is out” at that time.

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One Response to “MSN Launches Paid-Search Service in France and Singapore”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Behavior-based adCenter beta details Says:

    [...] There may be grumbling about the speed at which Microsoft is rolling out its Internet advertising program, but some interesting nuts-and-bolts details of the “advanced audience intelligence and targeting capabilities” are coming from the beta participants: Under MSN’s process, for example, once a registered user logs in, the engine “knows” what profile the user fits based on information the user supplied at registration, and it can see what registered users fitting any given profile are searching for. That knowledge allows a search marketing advertiser to boost its bid so as to appear in a higher keyword position in search results delivered to users who fall within a desired demographic target. It’s less important for the marketer to appear at the top of search results delivered to those who fall outside the desired target, so the marketer can limit the premium it pays for top position to a smaller, defined group, while setting a lower CPC bid so as to show search results in a lower position to the rest of the search audience, Leitch explains. [...]

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