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January 20, 2006

MSN Search adds 1 million new Instant Answers

Posted by David Hunter at 12:12 PM ET.

At MSN Search, Instant Answers show up at the top of the results for certain queries in hopes of answering the searcher’s question in one fell swoop. Now MSN Search has added 1 million more such answers as Mark Stumpf reveals at MSN Search’s WebLog:

When we ask people what they think of our Instant Answers, a common response is “they are great, but I want MORE”. We hear you and recently added about 1 million facts for your querying pleasure.

Here are a few examples:

Hit the link for Mark’s full list, but here’s one of them: premier of russia. Andy Beal at WebProNews asks, “Now, where have we seen this type of thing before?”

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