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September 23, 2007

MSN Soapbox: gone in 60 seconds

Posted by David Hunter at 11:56 PM ET.

I see that I haven’t spared any pixels for MSN Soapbox, Microsoft’s YouTube clone, since it shut down temporarily in March due to the presence of the same copyright infringement problems that had Microsoft tut-tutting about YouTube. Apparently, Soapbox relaunched in April to little fanfare and ambled along in closed beta as before.

Now those halcyon days are over and Soapbox has lost it’s own subdomain ( and merely appears as the Soapbox User Video tab at the beta MSN Video site. The Soapbox Team blog has more details about what else is new.

While I respect the obvious effort expended, I don’t really think YouTube has anything to worry about. The hard fact is that there is no shortage of community video sites and Microsoft is very late out of the gate.

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