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January 6, 2010 buys URL

Posted by David Hunter at 10:05 AM ET.

It was revealed yesterday that (or as they like to call it these days – the msnbc Digital Network) purchased the URL in December for an undisclosed price:

The msnbc Digital Network today announced its acquisition of the URL aims to be the fastest, most accurate site for live breaking news from around the globe. The site currently features up-to-the-second headlines from multiple news sources and will continually advance to meet hard news consumers’ expectations.

Actually, it currently seems to merely reproduce the @breakingnews Twitter feed, but that is apparently the point since took over management of @breakingnews in November. So what’s the rationale for all this?

The latest addition to the msnbc Digital Network will focus on up-to-the-second news coverage from multiple sources, executives of the company said. ( is a Microsoft – NBC Universal joint venture.)

"It’s a different experience for news users, rather than any kind of diminishment for," Charles Tillinghast, president of the msnbc Digital Network, said in an interview. The move is "consistent with our strategy of creating different news experiences for different user interests," he said.

"Not everyone wants news surrounded by commentary or features," he explained in a statement. "Our goal as a news organization is to provide the most relevant experiences to satisfy distinct needs. Hard and fast breaking news is currently an underserved market. With we can now provide the optimal solution."

Well, presuming someone looks at it instead of the Twitter feed, you can put ads on a Web page

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