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September 23, 2005

New Beta of MSN Hotmail

Posted by David Hunter at 11:49 AM ET.

Omar Shahine has the details:

Well, we launched Kahuna Milestone 3 (M3) yesterday with a new URL ( We are building Kahuna iteratively, and plan on releasing much goodness on a frequent basis. This is very different from the way that Hotmail and MSN has typically released software, but we feel it’s the best way to achieve success.

M3 is also the first milestone where I’ve been the release PM. Our previous milestone, M2, was developed in the traditional Microsoft fashion: spec, develop, test. It was a rather longish milestone, but was appropriate for the task at hand (we were building many things from scratch, so there was nothing to iterate on). When we shipped M2, we had most of the basics working well, and we could start to iterate, add features, scale.

I described some of this in our Kahuna video on Channel 9, but we borrowed heavily from Scrum. Myself and our dev manager, Dick Craddock, spent a fair amount of time refining and implementing a process that we refer to as Modified Scrum. We took the things we liked about Scrum, and tossed the stuff we didn’t. We basically made Scrum work for our needs, and left the waterfall model behind.

Hat Tip: Dare Obasanjo who has been using the beta and has a screenshot. He also notes:

If you’d like invites to the beta, you should keep an eye on the Hotmail team’s space. You can also find more screenshots of the Hotmail beta on their space as well.

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2 Responses to “New Beta of MSN Hotmail”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Blog Archive » MSN Hotmail “Kahuna” and adCenter Betas Now Open Says:

    [...] Imran Qureshi posts that the MSN Hotmail “Kahuna” Beta is now open, but you have to sign up to participate at He warns, “Be patient though. With so many people currently on the wait list it may take some time..” Aditya Bansod explains one of the reasons why: Paul Thurrott’s review of Kahuna was Slashdotted. The comments in the Slashdot thread are full of the usual punditry and provide for a totally amusing read at (a few) people saying they welcome the change and change is good to (a lot of) people saying they hate Microsoft, Hotmail is evil, banner ads will soon take up the whole site, etc. The press embargo on Kahuna was lifted yesterday as we begin to expand the beta and you see a bit of the press coverage here. [...]

  2. Bonnie Says:

    While I can handle the changes in MSN mail, I HATE not being able to delete old contacts. It makes going thru the list tedious. What reason would Microsoft have for doing this, other than to have info about BOTH sender and recipient for future reference. I know 9/11 changed presumed privacy, and I understand that, but it is not an excuse for this.

    Also, having a passport for all these programs is fine, but everything is SOOO COMPLICATED!!!! I cannot send mail to certain sites because Windows Live mail doesn’t support certain web-based mail programs.

    I am seriously considering another email accout (NOT gmail; google keeps everything too) that has a simple interface and is more user-friendly.

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