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December 26, 2006

New Vista hack bypasses activation

Posted by David Hunter at 11:22 AM ET.

Microsoft seems to have found some unwanted gifts under the tree this Christmas. Along with the reports of security flaws, Darren Murph at Engadget is reporting a Vista activation hack that leaves Vista permanently in the fully functional part of the 30 day activation grace period:

With the help of a few background apps, a little registry tweakin’, and whole lot of deviousness, you can reportedly freeze the 30-day countdown timer within the operating system in order to prevent it from ever leaving the fully functional evaluation mode. Purportedly, the TimerStop Vista crack works “on all 32-bit x86 editions” including Ultimate and Premium, but the success rate in 64-bit (x64) environments is “likely to be low.” Notable, the folks behind the crack suggest that Windows Updates will still be accessible, as will Microsoft’s “value-added software downloads” typically only available to those who pass the WVGA validation process.

More details at KezNews and MyDigitalLife, but this one should get swatted promptly.

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