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September 6, 2005

New White Paper on Metro Technology in Vista

Posted by David Hunter at 11:40 AM ET.

(Via ActiveWin) Microsoft has released a new white paper, XPS and Color Printing Enhancements in Windows Vista:

The print architecture for the next client version of the Microsoft® Windows Vista™ operating system takes advantage of the new open XML Paper Specification (XPS, formerly codenamed “Metro”) and the new Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly codenamed “Avalon”). These technologies enable rich end-to-end color document and photo printing and address many limitations of the existing Microsoft Windows® Graphics Device Interface (GDI)-based print path in Windows Vista, with limited down-level support in Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 and Microsoft Windows® XP.

This paper provides an overview of printing enhancements enabled by XPS. Application developers and hardware vendors can use this paper to prepare to support XPS in their product plans.

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