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October 18, 2006

No Vista RTM on October 25

Posted by David Hunter at 11:07 PM ET.

Despite all the rumors that October 25 was the day Vista would be released to manufacturing (RTM), Mary Jo Foley gets the contrary word direct from the boss himself:

The Microsoft countdown clock was wrong. (Yeah, maybe it’s running Windows Vista and blue screened. Teehee.)

Vista is not on track to be released to manufacturing on October 25, according to Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft’s platforms and services division.

“We won’t RTM (release to manufacturing) in a week,” Allchin told me on October 18. “We are in pretty good shape. And there are still months before (the January 2007) launch.”

Hints about what’s lagging by following the link, but all of a sudden I’m getting nervous about the November launch for businesses. Foley’s take:

Allchin would not say when Vista will RTM. But my new guess is early November. And like CRN, I am now hearing that the business launch of Vista and Office 2007 is looking like the very end of November. So I am revising my November 9 business launch guesstimate to November 30.

My November prediction back on October 3 may be in trouble, but there’s still time to get your vote in on the poll I started at the same time (and once again I apologize for the somewhat aggressive advertising associated with it):

Will Windows Vista launch in November?
What’s Windows Vista?

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One Response to “No Vista RTM on October 25”

  1. 잡동사니 보관소 Says:

    Windows Vista RTM 10월 25일 출시는 거짓?

    혹시나 싶어서 구글별을 열심히 탐험하던 중 낚은 정보… 어느쪽이 맞는진 모르겠지만…. 내일 나오면 정말 좋을텐데…. 원문 정보는 여기 간단 심플한 요약은, RTM은 11월 말이나 되어야 볼 …

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