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November 28, 2006

October computer sales tank – Vista to blame?

Posted by David Hunter at 8:39 PM ET.

The US durable goods report for October was released today and new orders were down 8.3% from September driven by a big decrease in civilian aircraft, but buried in the numbers we find:

“This is how a slowdown starts,” said Ken Mayland of Clear View Economics. However, he cautioned that “by no means are we in any dire straights, as order books remain relatively strong.” He added that “some of the weakness may simply be a timing issue related to the release of new software.”

Indeed, orders for computers and related products dropped 25.6% for October, while shipments fell 24.9%. That, however, may simply highlight a dip in demand as consumers await the release of Microsoft’s Vista operating system in January.

The full set of numbers are here, but whether it’s caused by customers waiting for Vista or not, that 25% hits both Microsoft and the PC vendors where it hurts. One month in the USA does not make a global trend, but it’s worth watching.

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One Response to “October computer sales tank – Vista to blame?”

  1. Wall Street piles on the Zune -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Douglas McIntyre at BloggingStocks notes the recent rapid run up in the short interest on Microsoft’s stock and wonders if, among other things, it might be due to Wall Street disenchantment with the Zune. I’d be more worried about the PC sales numbers for October, but a report from Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray makes it clear that analysts have their eye on the Zune and its prospects and don’t like what they see: According to a research note published Tuesday by PiperJaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster, only 8 percent of 40 retailers surveyed by the firm recommend the Zune to customers, while 75 percent recommend Apple’s iPod. [...]

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