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September 2, 2005

Office 12 Buzz

Posted by David Hunter at 4:49 PM ET.

Mary Jo Foley says Microsoft Set to Reveal More Office 12 Tidbits

While Office 12, Microsoft’s next-generation desktop suite, is not expected to hit Beta 1 until later this fall, Microsoft officials are set to show off a number of its components at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in mid-September.

Recent PDCs have focused almost exclusively on operating system and tools futures. But this year’s will include tens of tracks aimed at Office developers and users.

Hit the PDC05 session list, search on the “Office & Sharepoint” track and you will see what she means. Since Office 12 is supposed to ship in close proximity to Vista, another PDC05 focus, it’s not a real surprise, particularly with Microsoft’s recent emphasis on Office as a development platform.

Meanwhile, Paul Thurrott reports:

Microsoft is now referring to Office 12 internally as Office Vista, leading me to wonder whether that will be the official name of the product or whether this just indicates that this is the version of Office that will ship at the same time as Windows Vista. What’s disturbing about this name, of course, is how obvious it is. If Microsoft does name Office 12 as Office Vista, then it may be the most telegraphed product name in Microsoft history. My guess–and yes, it’s only a guess–is that they will call it Office Vista. Why wouldn’t they?

And if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on the early Office 12 bits, David Boschman says:

Sign up for the first beta of Microsoft Office 12 at

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