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January 23, 2006

Office Live beta details trickle out

Posted by David Hunter at 6:37 PM ET.

LiveSide is a blog run by Windows Live, Xbox Live, and Office Live enthusiasts that I’ve mentioned before. Lately they’ve been dropping tantalizing hints about features of the upcoming Office Live beta:

Office Live offers sophisticated Business Applications:

What is surprising is the depth and breadth of the business applications and services such as the web analytics, offering traffic reporting, site reports, page statistics, and reporting on which search engine was used. While no pricing structure has been announced (other than the fact that Basics will be free), the Office Live Business Applications (about 30 of them) look to be valuable tools for a small business on the web. These will include a Dashboard Manager offering a centralized view of key information, Sales and Marketing Campaign, News and Intelligence, Product information management, and Human Resources management, including managing candidates, employees, expenses, job openings, and training, LiveSide has learned.

Office Live Mail Details Emerge:

Serving as one component of Microsoft Office Live, Office Live Mail provides users with the ability to read and receive emails from any internet-connected computer in the world. Ideal for those on the move, Office Live Mail can be accessed from either a web browser or Outlook 2000/2003. Here are some things to expect upon the release of the beta…

Hit the link for the full list, but they are pretty much what you would expect from any full fledged email service.

Finally, they point to Jeff Raikes’ CNET interview where he reveals that 70,000 people have signed up for the Office Live beta and that the beta is still on track for 1Q2006.

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