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February 13, 2006

Office Live beta to be revealed Wednesday?

Posted by David Hunter at 6:39 PM ET.

LiveSide has the buzz:

LiveSide is proud to announce the details of the new Microsoft Office Live beta. As we have already explained, Office Live will have three different packages [make sure to watch the demos by clicking on the product title]…

Hit the link for the details including pricing and screenshots, but here’s the tease:

A press announcement is expected Wednesday morning pacific time [but we couldn't wait!]. Hopefully that means the beta will be starting soon.

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One Response to “Office Live beta to be revealed Wednesday?”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Microsoft confirms tomorrow’s Office Live beta announce Says:

    [...] Apparently a new stage has been added to the Microsoft announce process. Yesterday there was the rumor that the Office Live beta would be announced Wednesday. Ordinarily that would be followed in due course by the announcement. Now there’s an intermediate step where Microsoft confirms the rumor, but doesn’t actually announce the offering as Elizabeth Montalbano reports at InfoWorld: Microsoft plans to give users a first look at its Office Live hosted service on Wednesday, according to the company. [...]

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