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September 6, 2008

Office Live Workspace to ship before year end

Posted by David Hunter at 9:23 AM ET.

Office Live Workplace logo Microsoft wants everyone to know that they have had 1 million customers sign up for the beta of their Google Docs spoiler, Windows Live Workspace, which was originally offered publicly last December. More importantly, they are telling Mary Jo Foley that it will be out of beta by the end of the year.

Recall that Office Live Workspace is not a Web version of Office but a free add-on for regular Microsoft Office that permits easy Web collaboration and sharing of Office documents thereby undercutting one of the key selling points of Google Docs and the other Web office packages. Oddly though, there is an online word processor at the Office Live Workspace Web site called Web Notes, but it isn’t too useful because you can’t download created documents to your PC or use it to edit PC documents. Why did they bother?

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