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April 5, 2006

Ouch! Sony PS3 pricing revealed

Posted by David Hunter at 6:37 PM ET.

Rachael Rosmarin has the scoop at Forbes:

Europe is typically the last major region to receive a newly launched videogame console, but today it was the first to receive word on pricing for the Sony PlayStation 3.

The high-end gaming machine will cost between 499 euros and 599 euros—that’s between $600 and $730—according to vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe George Fornay, who spilled the beans on the air while a guest at France’s Europe 1 radio station.

Prices elsewhere won’t necessarily be a direct currency conversion, of course.

These comments from Fornay represent the first bits of PS3 pricing information from Sony since Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi told gamers the console would “be expensive,” at the E3 convention in Los Angeles in May 2005.

Sounds more like “too expensive.” More by following the link.

Update: Christopher Grant has more at Joystiq including some further remarks from Mr. Fornay:

He was sure to point out that while this might sound like a lot of money for a game system, it was in fact cheap for a Blu-ray compatible playback system.

It’s a Blu-ray player and a home server. I wonder if you can play games on it?

Update 4/6: Tony Smith at The Register reports Sony claims PS3 pricing leak ‘incorrect’:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has claimed reports that its senior staffers let slip how much the company plans to charge for the PlayStation 3 when the console ships next November are “incorrect”.

Instead, head of the the company’s French operation, Georges Fornay, says he was “misunderstood” when he appeared to indicate a price range for the PS3 during an interview with French radio station Europe 1 this week.

Hit the link for details of the “explanation.”

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One Response to “Ouch! Sony PS3 pricing revealed”

  1. Sony PlayStation 3 buzz before E3 -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] A Sony spokeswoman said earlier this month that no further details on pricing or launch would become available until May 8 at a press event ahead of the E3 game industry trade show. That’s rather less than indicated by earlier comments from a Sony executive. Whatever the price though, Sony has high hopes for the PS3: Sony expects its upcoming PlayStation 3 console to be out of the starting gate more quickly than Microsoft’s Xbox 360, it said today. [...]

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