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September 3, 2005

PRC’s President may be dropping by Redmond on Monday

Posted by David Hunter at 9:59 AM ET.

Media Alert: President Hu and Chinese Delegation Invited to Visit Microsoft:

Microsoft Corp. looks forward to welcoming President Hu Jintao and a delegation of government officials from China to Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash., campus on Monday.* Microsoft has invited President Hu to campus to discuss the relationship of Microsoft and China and how the company and the government can work together to foster innovation that will benefit the U.S., China and people throughout the world.

If the president accepts Microsoft’s invitation, the company will make the arrival of the president and his delegation to campus open to attendance from all preregistered and credentialed media. There will be a photo opportunity of the president and Bill Gates in the lobby of Microsoft’s Executive Briefing Center. There will not be any opportunity for questions.

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