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November 5, 2005

Quality problems in Visual Studio 2005?

Posted by David Hunter at 10:42 AM ET.

Mini-Microsoft, the anonymous Microsoft blogger and gadfly, collects a number of developer blog links to bug reports and some of the problems look rather nasty even for a first release. Be sure to read the comments on the posts as well. The net from Mini:

I might wander in early on Monday to meander through the crowds celebrating the big Visual Studio launch. But my heart is heavy that we shoveled what we could together and Won’t Fix-ed this release out the door. Microsoft has just opened a very big door to competition in the IDE space. Or at least towards people jealously holding onto VS 2003 and saying, “CLR 2.0? Screw that! The last time I tried to use generics my machine locked up!” Big freakin’ mistake. Microsoft should be ashamed.

Too alarmist? We’ll know shortly.

Update: More from Mini here:

In my opinion, what VS needs to do is say, in a manner that won’t dampen the launch party: Hey, this was a super-big innovative release but it looks like some bugs unfortunately shipped. Okay, we’re really going to ship a VS 2005 service pack. Here’s the Microsoft forum we’d appreciate you providing feedback to. Here’s a link that you can keep track of what’s going into the service pack. Furthermore, the service pack will ship on fill in a date no longer than six months out.

This is because the users are complaining that they’ve never, ever seen a patch or a service pack for VS and they expect they are going to be told to wait until the Orcas release. If that’s our plan, we should say so.

And frankly, for bugs that lock up the IDE and make the developer lose his work, that’s not what folks want to hear.

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2 Responses to “Quality problems in Visual Studio 2005?”

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    [...] Robert Scoble has a puzzling post asking if this is one of Microsoft’s last big launches since the new mantra is more agile development. The basic point is fine, but I’d be very surprised if next year’s planned Vista launch wasn’t huge. Finally, I doubt we’ll hear about the VS 2005 quality complaints.   [Permalink] [...]

  2. Microsoft News Tracker » Blog Archive » Visual Studio servicing plans Says:

    [...] The computer press has picked up on this weekend’s blog furor about Visual Studio 2005 quality. Microsoft Visual C# Product Unit Manager Scott Wiltamuth puts some oil on the troubled waters with a preview of the plans for Visual Studio servicing: We’ve seen some questions today in blogs and forums about our servicing plans for VS 2003 and VS 2005, and I thought it would be a good idea to communicate them here. We use “hot fixes” to address time-critical issues, and periodically release service packs that have multiple fixes. By having the combination of these methods, we hope to provide timely fixes for critical issues and also make it easy for customers to deploy fixes broadly. [...]

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