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October 22, 2006

Rapmasters Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer

Posted by David Hunter at 4:01 PM ET.

(Via Zune News Site) Peter Lauria at the New York Post reports on a failed attempt by Microsoft’s Zune team to do some co-marketing with the folks behind a popular music website:

The talks with Pitchfork – a blog that has arguably supplanted Rolling Stone and Blender as the go-to place to learn about new music – were aimed at both giving Microsoft some indie credibility and taking advantage of the Zune’s wi-fi capabilities by allowing users to zap reviews and other site content to each other, sources said.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, Pitchfork didn’t bite.

The world is filled with deals that didn’t gel, but you can read the details by following the link. However, the most amazing detail is the picture of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer as rap musicians which the Post uses to decorate the article. Ordinarily, I’d say it was Photoshopped, but I seem to vaguely recall hearing that the two donned rapper outfits for one of the innumerable Microsoft videos. In any case, I’d be laughing harder if I weren’t of similar vintage to Gates and Ballmer and had actually heard of Pitchfork previously.

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