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September 28, 2005

RealNetworks to run Cingular mobile video service

Posted by David Hunter at 8:39 AM ET.

Reuters via InfoWorld:

Cingular Wireless, the biggest U.S. wireless service, plans to use RealNetworks’ video streaming technology to deliver video to mobile phones, the companies said late on Tuesday.

The deal is a key win for RealNetworks over its arch-rival Microsoft as both companies try to expand from the desktop into the wireless services market.

“If Microsoft had won this contract the battle for the mobile media player market would have been close to being over,” said Ovum analyst Roger Entner, who noted that Microsoft is ahead of RealNetworks in the desktop media player market.

Cingular’s biggest rival, Verizon Wireless, uses Microsoft’s media player for a mobile video service that delivers news and entertainment video clips to customers using its high-speed wireless data network.

The Cingular service using the RealNetworks technology is due by the end of the year.

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