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August 25, 2005

Skype Joins Wednesday’s IM Party

Posted by David Hunter at 10:04 AM ET.

Almost overlooked with the buzz over the the announcement of Google Talk and MSN Messenger 7.5, Skype also released IM developer tools:

VoIP giant Skype is now letting Web sites and other Internet applications tap into the pool of people using the Luxembourg-based company’s instant-messaging service.

The company on Wednesday unleashed its SkypeWeb and SkypeNet developer tools. By doing so, the company says, it’s opening up its platform to people who wants to integrate Skype Instant Messaging–a lesser-known feature of Skype–into their applications.

Gene Koprowski has some analysis of the whole IM scene.

Filed under Coopetition, Google, MSN, MSN Messenger, Skype

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