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January 29, 2008

Some sanity about Windows 7

Posted by David Hunter at 8:06 PM ET.

I was going to post a cranky comment about the current epidemic of Windows 7 hysteria, but Ed Bott has beaten me to it:

All the kerfuffle over Windows 7 – leaked memos, shaky handheld video clips of leaked builds, equally shaky tentative release schedules – is amusing. I don’t have any inside information to offer, only a perspective drawn from 17 years of watching the Windows development process in action.

I hate to admit, but I have a couple of years on Ed and I guess we are fated to relive history as well as remember it:

All of those predictions miss one big point: There’s nothing “early” about the rumored H2 2009 release date of Windows 7. Last June, I argued that Windows Vista was the functional equivalent of Windows 95, with plenty of wrenching architectural changes that spelled pain for early adopters. Most of those problems were fixed with Windows 98. Likewise, despite the current love fest for XP, most people forget that its first years were plagued with bugs, driver hassles, and security problems (remember Blaster?) that weren’t stamped out until XP Service Pack 2.

Windows 7 is following perfectly in the footsteps of those two releases.

Hit the link for much more, but the punch line is Ed’s title: Windows 7 = Vista Release 2. Or as we used to say in the old days, Vista Second Edition.

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One Response to “Some sanity about Windows 7”

  1. Microsoft confirms Windows 7 in 2010 | Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Windows 7 seems to be a just a tune up of Vista, but I’m still a bit surprised that anyone is doing much public talking about it at this stage given the sad history of Vista.   Filed under OS – Client, Windows 7, Microsoft   [Permalink] [TrackBack] [...]

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