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April 27, 2006

Sony PlayStation 3 buzz before E3

Posted by David Hunter at 12:01 PM ET.

As we mentioned on Monday, the buzz is building in preparation for E3, a major gaming conference coming up on May 10 where among other juicy news, Sony is expected to reveal more PS3 details:

Sparking one last round of rumors and excitement among gamers before a big convention in Los Angeles, an independent PlayStation magazine said it had the final word Wednesday on pricing for Sony’s PS3 console.

The machine will cost $399, contain a 60 gigabyte hard drive and will go on sale in the first half of November, according to PSM. The PS3 was originally scheduled for release in Spring 2006.

A Sony spokeswoman said earlier this month that no further details on pricing or launch would become available until May 8 at a press event ahead of the E3 game industry trade show.

That’s rather less than indicated by earlier comments from a Sony executive. Whatever the price though, Sony has high hopes for the PS3:

Sony expects its upcoming PlayStation 3 console to be out of the starting gate more quickly than Microsoft’s Xbox 360, it said today.

The company, which recently pushed back the launch of its console to November, said it expects sales during the first four to five months after launch to be about 6 million units.

Microsoft, which launched the Xbox 360 in November last year, expects sales to hit between 4.5 million units and 5.5 million during about the first seven months.

Frankly, that doesn’t seem like a whole lot quicker uptake considering that the PS2 dominates today’s game console market.

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