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November 16, 2005

Study finds Windows more reliable than Linux

Posted by David Hunter at 3:20 PM ET.

It’s another one of those “Get the Facts” studies, this time by Security Innovation Inc. The net: Reduced IT complexity yields greater reliability for companies running Microsoft Windows platform compared with Linux.

Today at the IT Forum 2005 event in Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft Corp. announced findings from a report it commissioned from Security Innovation Inc. (SI), a leading independent provider of application security services, which concluded that as requirements evolved over time, the Microsoft® Windows® platform was more consistent, predictable and easier to manage than Linux. Microsoft also announced that industry-leading customers, including Teleflora and Tommy Hilfiger Corp., have cited reduced complexity and greater reliability as driving their decision to deploy the Microsoft Windows platform over Linux.

“As they attempt to increase business capabilities over time, customers are telling us that they are hitting a wall with Linux, experiencing significant reliability issues resulting in higher total cost of ownership,” said Martin Taylor, general manager of Platform Strategy at Microsoft. “This study shows that IT administrators were better able to maintain the system while delivering new capabilities predictably and consistently on the Windows platform. We invite other vendors, including Novell, IBM and Red Hat, to repeat their own independent analysis based on Security Innovation’s methodology.”

Lots of luck on that last part. Paul Thurrott has more.

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