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September 28, 2005

Symbian not worried by Windows Mobile Treo

Posted by David Hunter at 9:10 AM ET.

Rhonda Ascierto at Computer Business ReviewSymbian looks past Microsoft to mid-market:

When Microsoft Corp catapulted deeper into the smartphone OS market earlier this week, by replacing PalmSource OS in Palm Inc’s first 3G-enabled Treo, it did not crimp the game plan for market leader Symbian Ltd.

Symbian, which has its sights firmly set on the emerging mid-market, sees Microsoft’s move as a high-end play and quite distinct from its own strategy.

“Microsoft is more of a distraction factor,” David Wood, Symbian executive VP of research told ComputerWire yesterday. “The big story [for Symbian] is not another high-end rival.”

Instead, Symbian, whose OS is shipped in 54 smartphones by more than 200 carriers, is competing against incumbent OS in mid-market phones, Wood said. Sony Ericsson, for instance, uses the OSE operating system. And the Nokia series 30 and series 40 smartphones run on the proprietary Nokia OS (higher-end Nokia smartphones do run Symbian).

Wood said he hopes Microsoft’s increasing presence in smartphones will help accelerate the growth of the market. “The bigger the overall market is, the larger the mid-market slice will be,” he said.

I’d say be careful of what you wish for – today’s high end is very shortly the mid-market.

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