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November 4, 2005

Tech firms rebuff UN control of Internet

Posted by David Hunter at 8:33 AM ET.

Grant Gross at InfoWorld:

U.S. business and government officials were united Thursday in their opposition to recent proposals to create an international Internet governing body, saying it could slow innovation and limit online choices.

The argument over Internet governance will be part of the second phase of the U.N.-sponsored WSIS [World Summit on the Information Society] in Tunis, Tunisia, starting Nov. 16.

But officials from U.S. companies including Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp. and Google Inc. called for WSIS to shift its focus to ways that the Internet can improve the economies of developing nations, instead of debating Internet governance. The focus on Internet governance is a substitute for some governments’ concerns about the “radical changes” the Internet is bringing to culture, politics and religion, said Fred Tipton, director of international organizations and development at Microsoft.

More by following the link and at CNET.

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