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May 10, 2007

Viridian features cut to make already delayed ship schedule

Posted by David Hunter at 6:50 PM ET.

Today Microsoft promised that a beta of Viridian, the free Windows Server virtualization facility accompanying Windows Longhorn Server, will be available when Longhorn is released to manufacturing. Unfortunately however, along the way to making the recently delayed promised release of Viridian within 180 days of Longhorn, some features had to be cut. Mike Neil, Microsoft’s GM of virtualization strategy, has the details at the Windows Server Division Weblog:

So we are making the following changes, and postponing these features to a future release of Windows Server virtualization:

  • No Live migration
  • No hot-add resources (storage, networking, memory, processor)
  • Support limit of 16 cores/logical processors (e.g., 2 processor, quad-core systems is 8 cores; or 4 processor, quad-core system is 16 cores)

I wanted to share this information this week with partners and customers so that no one is surprised at WinHEC when we demo all the other innovations in Windows Server virtualization.

I doubt that the lack of these features is a catastrophe, but the delay of previously promised features makes Viridian seem a less than top rank offering. Moreover, while it will still be usable for garden variety server consolidation, the lack of live migration means that Viridian cannot be used for state of the art workload switching configurations as can offerings from competitors VMware and XenSource.

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3 Responses to “Viridian features cut to make already delayed ship schedule”

  1. Microsoft releases Virtual Machine Manager 2007 -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Future plans include a release supporting and coincident with Microsoft’s trouble Viridian virtualization technology which is now due within 180 days following Windows Server 2008, plus releases adding the non-Windows VMWare and Xen virtualization environments. [...]

  2. Microsoft bluffs with their weak virtualization hand -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Microsoft’s Viridian virtualization software (aka Windows Server virtualization) that was supposed to be built into Windows Server 2008 is late and feature short, but Microsoft seems to be doing their best to bluff the other players at the VMworld conference today: [...]

  3. Microsoft touts virtualization efforts, acquires Calista | Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Microsoft is holding a private Virtualization Deployment Summit today and tomorrow for Microsoft customers and partners. An uncharitable view is that it is all fancy footwork to distract from the late and featured reduced Hyper-V (formerly Viridian), but there was some interesting news including the acquisition of Calista Technologies. Microsoft has completed the acquisition of Calista Technologies, a leading provider of graphics technologies for next-generation desktop and presentation virtualization solutions. Calista software improves the user experience of 3-D and multimedia delivery for Microsoft multimedia applications, virtualized desktop deployments, and server-hosted virtualized desktops or applications using Windows Server Terminal Services. [...]

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