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January 31, 2007

Vista and Office 2007 Postlaunch Odds and Ends

Posted by David Hunter at 4:47 PM ET.


As anticipated, Jim Allchin retires from Microsoft as Vista ships. More here.

No surprise: Microsoft targets Vista sales in line with PC growth. The only question is whether Microsoft will be able to increase the per PC revenue.

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 for Vista has been released as has Windows PowerShell 1.0 for Windows Vista, but where is the final version of Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista? (Yes, there is a beta so the mobile gadget users aren’t completely abandoned by nonsupport of ActiveSynch).

Microsoft Delivers First Windows Vista Ultimate “Extras.”

Vista Casts A Pall On PC Gaming due to restrictive security and parental controls according to an online game network developer. Microsoft denies.

Vista ‘Family Discount’ Bites Back with invalid installation keys. No date for a fix.

According to the EULA, you shouldn’t be running any Home editions of Vista in a virtual machine. I haven’t seen the results of any testing, but you may not have any choice since running in a VM is detectable.

Microsoft accused over software’s landfill impact. It’s a Green thing. 

Office 2007

The (Few) Ways Vista Makes Office 2007 Work Better.

Microsoft exec insists companies won’t need ‘big sophisticated training plan’ to roll out Office 2007.

Update: Also apparently AWOL is SQL Server 2005 SP2 which provides Vista support for SQL Server Express, the successor to MSDE which is unsupported on Vista and the desktop database for a number of applications including some from Microsoft.

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6 Responses to “Vista and Office 2007 Postlaunch Odds and Ends”

  1. Vista and Office 2007 Postlaunch Odds and Ends - Day 2 -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Microsoft today released Windows Mobile Device Center 6 for Windows Vista. It was one of the missing pieces noted yesterday and allows portable devices to synch with Vista PCs. [...]

  2. home security - » Vista and Office 2007 Postlaunch Odds and Ends - Day 2 Says:

    [...] Microsoft today released Windows Mobile Device Center 6 for Windows Vista. It was one of the missing pieces noted yesterday and allows portable devices to synch with Vista PCs. [...]

  3. Microsoft releases Virtual PC 2007 for free download -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Microsoft today released Virtual PC 2007 which, in keeping with the competition in virtualization, is available as a free download from the web. You can check out the overview document for technical details, but it uses Microsoft’s XPS format which means you have to install .NET Framework 3.0 to read it if you aren’t running Vista. If that’s impossible or the prospect fills you with dismay, the net is that Virtual PC 2007 adds: * Support for x64 Windows as a host operating system * Support for hardware virtualization support * Support for Windows Vista as a guest and host operating system * Support for PXE network booting of virtual machines * Support for the use of fullscreen virtual machines on multi-monitor systems (VM still stays on just one monitor though) However, as we mentioned in January, you won’t be running any Home versions of Vista in a Virtual PC because it is forbidden. Allowable hosts are Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows XP Professional, or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Filed under OS – Client, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Technologies, Virtualization, Virtual PC, XP Tablet PC, XPS, Microsoft, XP x64 [...]

  4. Microsoft reorganizes Windows marketing -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Windows Vista has shipped, Jim Allchin has retired, and Windows marketing is still laughable. Sounds like a perfect time for Kevin Johnson, now the sole president of Microsoft’s Platform and Services Group, to rearrange the Windows marketing organization and that’s just what was announced yesterday as Johnson’s long time associate Bill Veghte was brought in to run a new Windows Business Group reporting to Johnson: Mike Sievert, who had been heading product marketing and product management, will now focus solely on the marketing side, while Mike Nash will take over product management. Sievert, who joined Microsoft from AT&T Wireless in 2005, and Nash, who headed Microsoft’s security business unit until a recent sabbatical, will both report to Veghte. Brad Goldberg, who has been general manager of product management for Windows, is shifting to another unspecified role outside of the Windows unit but within Kevin Johnson’s Platform and Services Division. [...]

  5. Microsoft attempts damage control on Vista Ultimate Extras -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] One of the benefits of of paying a premium price for the Ultimate version of Windows Vista was the promise of exclusive extras – free programs, services, and related content that you wouldn’t get if you didn’t fork over the loot for the priciest version of Vista. The only problem is that after an initial burst of a few “extras” after launch, they have been mostly conspicuous by their absence and far short of the cornucopia that had been promised (cf. Long Zheng’s Windows Ultimate Extras is a sham – where’s the responsibility?). This is a clearly a black eye for for Microsoft’s attempt to create a premium Vista brand and today Microsoft’s Barry Goffe (Director, Windows Vista Ultimate) attempted to placate the customers: [...]

  6. Microsoft touts virtualization efforts, acquires Calista | Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Microsoft also finally backed off on the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) prohibition of the virtualization of Home Versions of Windows Vista which had caused adverse comment when it was revealed last year and was clearly an annoyance for developers (not to mention Mac users) although Microsoft had claimed security risks. Those concerns have apparently been allayed. [...]

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