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November 21, 2006

Vista, IE7 survive US antitrust scrutiny

Posted by David Hunter at 9:28 PM ET.

Antonio Gonsalves at InformationWeek:

U.S. prosecutors say Windows Vista and the latest version of Internet Explorer apparently comply with the requirements of the 2002 antitrust judgment against Microsoft.

In a joint status report filed Tuesday with the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., prosecutors said Microsoft appeared to be complying with the judgment, which found Microsoft abused its Windows monopoly and set down rules for the software maker to follow to avoid future anti-competitive behavior. Prosecutors and Microsoft have been submitting joint reports on compliance to the court every six months.

The Justice Department and a court-approved technical committee are monitoring the development of Vista to assure compliance with the court order. The monitoring includes extensive testing of Vista and Internet Explorer 7 betas.

Since issuing the last report May 12, the Justice Department has received 25 third-party complaints, but none of them raised issues related to Microsoft’s compliance with the court order, prosecutors said.

The prosecutors were also pleased with Microsoft’s progress on documenting client-server protocols which is a longstanding bone of contention in the US (not to mention the European Union).

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