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January 18, 2007

Vista marketing magic

Posted by David Hunter at 9:22 PM ET.

Paul Boutin at The Valleywag grades the marketing for Microsoft’s Windows Vista in typically acerbic fashion and concludes that Vista flunks the marketing test:

Microsoft’s next-generation Windows hits the stores in less than two weeks, but for all its whizzy features it’s got less buzz than a new dental plan. What’s a techie to do? Blame marketing!

The best mark goes to:

Vista Coach Tour. A tour bus wrapped in a desktop theme, carrying a band of self-styled “Vista influencers” to Cincinnati, Charlotte and other third-tier cities. I mocked this wannabe-rockstar idea savagely on IM yesterday: “Alright Gainesville! Are you ready to get CRAZY for Windows Vista!” but woke up this morning feeling guilty. These guys are getting on a goddamn bus to meet their customers. It could be a Cluetrain adventure. At worst, it’s a lot cheaper than a Vista Gulfstream Tour. Grade: Incomplete

I don’t think it will do much for Vista sales either, but I sure do like the bus.

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