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September 23, 2007

Vista Ultimate Extras still AWOL

Posted by David Hunter at 10:11 PM ET.

As if Microsoft’s Windows Vista didn’t have enough bad PR to contend with already, there’s the continuing embarrassment of the missing Vista Ultimate Extras. You may recall that the Extras are supposed to be “free programs, services, and related content” that you only get if you kick in for the pricey Ultimate Edition of Vista. The problem is that they seem to be mostly vaporware.

Back in July, Microsoft issued a mea culpa and a vague long term plan, but promised that “Windows DreamScene and the remaining 20 Language Packs” would ship “by the end of summer.” One can quibble about whether a Language Pack constitutes an extra, but why bother since it is now “end of the summer” and as Long Zheng explains, none of the promised extras have shipped.

Even if the Windows Ultimate team has fled to the International Date Line, summer is officially over. Normally I wouldn’t care what season it is in the northern hemisphere but today it proves this team is incapable [of] delivering anything and should never be trusted again.

There’s much more by following the link, but it is truly hard to believe that Microsoft can organize a vast variety of Halo 3 tschotkes, but can’t manage to deliver a goodie or two as promised to the purchasers of Vista Ultimate. Heck, why not give them a Halo 3 screensaver?

Update 9/25/07: Microsoft today announced that the DreamScene video wallpaper has shipped, but that the language packs (now only 19) are still not ready. They are now promised for the end of October.

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One Response to “Vista Ultimate Extras still AWOL”

  1. Three new Vista Ultimate Extras released | Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] know that anyone really expected the Vista Ultimate Extras to be dynamite applications, but the desultory rollout has been a continuing sore point for those that have anted up the extra cash for Ultimate.   [...]

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