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March 28, 2006

Vivendi VP: Microsoft must restore confidence in original Xbox

Posted by David Hunter at 11:23 AM ET.

In all the flurry over the Xbox 360, one tends to forget that the original Xbox is still out there and still should be a viable commercial platform for game publishers for some years yet. Ellie Gibson has the story at

Adam Roberts, executive VP of Vivendi Europe, has told that while the PS2 is not yet nearing the end of its life cycle, Microsoft must work with publishers to restore retail confidence in the Xbox.

In an exclusive interview, Roberts said: “I think Xbox probably needs help at the moment. We’re in discussions with Microsoft to help generate some impetus.”

“I think it’s going to be a retail-led decision – if retailers lose confidence in a format, then it’s very difficult to get that confidence back,” he continued.

“…Really it’s up to us, in conjunction with other publishers and Microsoft, to keep the retailers’ confidence in the Xbox as a business opportunity.”

He has no similar worries for Sony’s PS2.

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