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February 3, 2006

VMware to offer free virtualization software?

Posted by David Hunter at 9:08 AM ET.

VMware (now a subsidiary of EMC) has always been a leading vendor in the booming field of virtualization software which allows a computer system to run multiple operating system images simultaneously. However, it is now facing bargain priced competitors including the open source Xen project and Microsoft’s Virtual Server 2005 R2, and according to press reports ([1], [2], [3]) has decided to go the free route with a version of their product to be announced on Monday. points to Alessandro Perilli at who tries to sort out the various versions of the story, but the net is that it looks like virtualization is the latest software function to be commoditized. Note also that Microsoft has stated their intention to bundle a virtualization offering in Windows Longhorn Server.

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2 Responses to “VMware to offer free virtualization software?”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Microsoft and EMC team up for lifecycle management Says:

    [...] This is on the service side of EMC’s business. They still compete with Microsoft on products like VMware and continuous data protection, while having a strained relationship in low end network storage. Filed under Alliances, Coopetition, Servers, SQL Server, Exchange, IBM, EMC Listen to this article   [Permalink] [...]

  2. Virtual Server 2005 R2 now free download, supports Linux -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Or in other words, Microsoft just bundled a product in its server OS that provides functionality that other companies are charging for. Before anyone drops a dime to call Neelie Kroes at the European Commission, this looks more like the ongoing commoditization of the virtualization software market ([1],[2]) than monopolistic activity. [...]

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