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May 16, 2006

Wall Street upbeat about Xbox 360 after E3

Posted by David Hunter at 11:15 PM ET.

Dean Takahashi has a roundup of analyst reactions to the E3 gaming conference, but the most startling is:

Rick Sherlund, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, wrote this morning that he raised his unit shipment estimates for the Xbox 360 and for revenues in the 2007 fiscal year which ends June 30, 2007. Among his big statements is, “We believe Xbox may outsell Sony’s PS 3 outside of Japan. We have also model an assumed $100 price cut on Xbox 360 by E3 next year to further drive market share.” Sherlund says he believes Microsoft could become profitable in the current calendar year on the Xbox 360 business. That commentary is more positive on Microsoft than any other analyst so far.

After Sony’s dismal E3 performance ([1], [2]), I’ll believe anything. There’s more in this Bloomberg report.

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