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June 25, 2009

Why aren’t Windows 7 upgrades free to Vista users?

Posted by David Hunter at 2:08 PM ET.

Microsoft today performed a goofy blog-announce of the retail pricing of Windows 7 full copies and Windows 7 upgrades and the "good news" is that Windows 7 is slightly cheaper than equivalent versions of Vista. However, customers can save roughly 50% off the upgrade prices in some countries if they preorder in the next month or so at selected retailers (varies by country – e.g. June 26 through July 11 in the USA "while supplies last" at Best Buy, Amazon, and Microsoft Store).

I always enjoy a little hucksterism, but I have to wonder how enthusiastic owners of Vista PCs are going to be about laying out $120 (or $50 for the special preorder deal) for the most common upgrade of Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium? What’s the value proposition? How many of the few new Windows 7 features that aren’t simply Vista fixes do you really want to pay for?

Even worse off are the suckers who purchased Vista Ultimate which Microsoft wants $219 to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. Throw in a little more cash and you could get a netbook instead. Current Vista owners were the guinea pigs in a flawed Microsoft development process and instead of getting a service pack, they get a bill. Since they either slogged through the morass to make their systems usable (raise your hand if you turned off UAC) or suffered in silence, shouldn’t they get a little more consideration?

Other factoids announced:

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4 Responses to “Why aren’t Windows 7 upgrades free to Vista users?”

  1. Microsoft to offer family pack discount on WIndows 7 | Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] to Windows 7 from Vista. If priced correctly that would partially ameliorate my complaint that Windows 7 upgrades should be free for current Vista users. Filed under General Business, Marketing, Microsoft, OS – Client, Windows 7, Windows Vista [...]

  2. Vista User Says:

    Why the hell are us Vista users, who bought a PC configured with it with no choice to get XP in the first place and didnt even know what Vista was going to do to us, going to have to pay for what really is an Update not an Upgrade!?
    I dont have money to throw around just to get something that i should have gotten in the 1st place with my notebook! This is retard. i really think that Microsoft is screwing us all over and that we (Vista Users) should do something about it. Its not fair that just the people that buy a new PC that comes with Vista should get the free “Update” later on the year. It ridiculous, the only reason that M$ is “giving away” the “Upgrade” to the people that buy a new PC starting July 1st is that they dont what to lose money and what pisses me off the most is that what they are basically saying is that Windows 7 is more of an Update not and Upgrade. Apple is a lot more expensive but they did give away some of there OS’s for free without asking their customers for money! They didn’t do what M$ is doing by making betas and RCs and then just giving a certain group within months of its release the UPGRADE for free!
    I guess what I’m basically saying in short is that we should boycott M$ until we get what we deserve.

  3. vistapremiumuser Says:

    I agree with Vista User on this boycott on MS, they need to give in and help the avid users of windows get a special treat for sticking with them for so long, and through the HORRIBLE and the good times (ie: xp=good. vista=horrible).

  4. Jim Morrison Says:

    F**k Microsoft. Switch to a Mac, and don’t look back.

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