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June 2, 2006

Windows Live advertises with Google

Posted by David Hunter at 9:44 AM ET.

Obligatory disclaimer: Nothing in this post should be viewed as encouragement to click on any Google ads on this or any web site. You don’t need to click on any ads to get the point.

One of the annoyances of using Google’s AdSense ads on a web log is that the contextual scanner seems to love ads for RSS products. I haven’t quite figured out whether it’s because RSS ads pay more and win the “auction” or it’s just that web logs generally have the text “RSS” somewhere on the page for the scanner to munch on. In any case, my eyes mostly glaze over when I see these because I have too much RSS paraphernalia already, thanks, and figure most of my readers do too. However, I was looking at another one of my web logs today and grimacing at yet another full selection of RSS ads when I noticed that number one was:

Windows Rss Reader
Your fast, personalized
homepage with news,
mail, search and more

(Yes, the “Rss” is verbatim.) I wonder how much Microsoft is throwing down on a Google ad campaign for Windows Live? There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it seems like CBS paying for ads on NBC.

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