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July 14, 2006

Windows Live name changes

Posted by David Hunter at 1:05 PM ET.

Mary Jo Foley at Microsoft Watch – Microsoft’s Worst-Named Product Ever Gets a New Lease on Life:

When Microsoft announced in May that it was naming a new search application “Windows Live Search,” a number of bloggers (including yours truly) noted the stupidity of that choice.

This is the desktop search offering. Microsoft already had a product with the same name – their leadership Web search replacement for MSN Search.

Microsoft subsequently changed the name, but seemingly forgot to tell anyone until CEO Steve Ballmer mentioned a new “Windows Live Search Center” during his Worldwide Partner Conference keynote this week.

It’s not like it’s important or anything, I guess. Also per LiveSide, Windows Live Mail Desktop is now Windows Live Mail Center.

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7 Responses to “Windows Live name changes”

  1. Up Your Ego » Bloggers Blog Blogging Says:

    [...] But when you get past that point you reach talk of Microsoft Live changing it’s name, something to do with Xbox Live (Word 2007 auto corrects Microsoft words to the right branding format) and the bit that interested me the most (and very nearly had a post of it’s own) the fact that MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger will be able to talk to each other. [...]

  2. Vista news: Beta 2 gets security updates, more -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Finally, Mary Jo Foley at Microsoft Watch reports that a new test build (rumored to be build 5506) of Vista has some newly embedded Windows Live links on the Welcome screen ( has a screenshot): Microsoft is poised to release a new pre-RC1 test build of Windows Vista any day now to a select group of testers. The latest builds include links to Windows Live Messenger, Toolbar, OneCare and Desktop Mail. … Windows Live Messenger is the successor to MSN Messenger, Microsoft’s free instant-messaging service. Windows Live OneCare is the paid, subscription-based backup and security service the company launched in late May. Windows Live Toolbar is a collection of Windows Live search, antivirus, mapping and other utilities similar to the Google Toolbar. Windows Live Desktop Mail is a program that allows users to view mail from all of their various e-mail accounts in a single pane. Live Messenger can be viewed as a replacement for Windows Messenger which shipped with Windows XP and similarly Live Mail Desktop (I thought it was now Live Mail Center?) can be viewed as a replacement for Outlook Express which also shipped with XP. I’m almost surprised they aren’t pre-installed, but there are likely good reasons: Company watchers have been wondering whether Microsoft would bundle any Windows Live services directly into Windows, given the ongoing antitrust scrutiny to which the company has been subject in recent years, in the U.S. and abroad. The European Commission required Microsoft to offer alongside its standard Windows XP software a separate version of Windows XP that did not include Windows Media Player as an embedded component. In South Korea, Microsoft has faced legal challenges for integrating Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger in Windows XP. [...]

  3. Strategic Name Development Product Naming Blog Says:

    Brand Naming: Is Microsoft’s “Live” Dead?

    I am now pretty sure that the Microsoft Live Search Center product name has been scrapped. The news is not firm yet but a few very reputable blogs, including Liveside, show that evidence exists, supported by a recent newsgroup post at MSDN, to announce…

  4. Microsoft Weekly Miscellany -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Windows Live Mail Desktop starts an open beta – also sometimes called Windows Live Mail Center. [...]

  5. Windows Live OneCare betas for Vista, more betas and stealth Live launches -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Also refreshed was Windows Live Mail Desktop (now back to its old name after a brief digression as Windows Live Mail Center)  which got a new beta build 1083: [...]

  6. Microsoft Weekly Miscellany, November 24, 2006 -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Meanwhile in Windows Live Land, Windows Live Local has apparently had a stealth renaming to Live Search Maps. Similarly the often renamed Windows Live Search Center has be renamed to Windows Live Preview, but that’s OK since it seems to have been “indefinitely postponed.” [...]

  7. Views on Windows Vista Says:

    Pipe Dreams courtesy of Yahoo!

    I came across this rather groundbreaking application from Yahoo! the other week and I really have to

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