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February 19, 2007

Windows Live Shopping and Wi-Fi move to MSN

Posted by David Hunter at 9:21 PM ET.

Windows Live Shopping launched in beta in April, 2006 as a version of MSN Shopping with a spiffed up interface. Now Chris at LiveSide reports that the shutters are going up and erstwhile shoppers will be redirected to MSN:

From today Windows Live Shopping beta will be taken offline, with users being sent to MSN Shopping, available at This appears to be part of the ongoing self-correcting process taking place on Windows Live, occurring as a result of various MSN products being moved over to the new Windows Live brand in 2006, without much thought being given to their long-term future.

No word on whether Microsoft will discard the Live interface or adopt it on MSN.

There’s more by following the link including a pointer to last Friday’s news that one of my least favorite Windows Live services, Windows Live Connection Center Wi-Fi , is going to be moved under the MSN brand as well. The good news is that “MSN” is considerably shorter than “Windows Live.” The bad news is the continuing train wreck that is Windows Live and MSN branding and marketing.

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