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November 20, 2008

Windows Live Sync replaces FolderShare in December

Posted by David Hunter at 7:37 PM ET.

When Windows Live Wave 3 was announced last week, it was revealed that Windows Live FolderShare was being renamed as Windows Live Sync. Yesterday the former FolderShare team blog revealed that Live Sync is coming in December 2008 and tells us what to expect:

In December, we will release a new product called Windows Live Sync. You can think of it as FolderShare 2.0. It’s going to look familiar and offer the same great features, plus:

  • More folders and files – sync up to 20 folders with 20,000 files each.
  • Integration with Windows Live ID – no more extra sign-in stuff to remember.
  • Integration with the Recyle Bin – no more separate Trash folder to fiddle with.
  • New client versions for both Windows and Mac. 
  • Unicode support – sync files in other languages.

A huge part of Sync’s success story depends on FolderShare users like you. When Sync releases, FolderShare goes into retirement. That means your FolderShare software will stop working and will ask you to upgrade to Sync. Once you do, Sync will automatically rebuild your personal folders. We expect a lot of new users when Sync is released, so if you can’t sign in right away, please give it a little time.

Here’s the part you need to pay attention to: Sync will not be able to rebuild your shared libraries. If you have a lot of shared libraries, you should hop over to the FolderShare website while it’s still available and copy all that information. You’ll need it to rebuild your shared libraries in Sync.

You should also note that the Professional option is being retired with the FolderShare name. Sync has a single offer, which provides free synchronization for up to 20 libraries and 20,000 files. We’ll be working to raise those numbers as our service grows.

Sounds swell, but you’ll notice that many of the comments on the above blog post ask the reasonable question of how Live Sync will relate to Live Mesh which performs the same sort of synchronization function. Good question and hopefully the answer is not another migration down the road.

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