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September 24, 2008

Windows Mobile 7 ("Photon") delayed

Posted by David Hunter at 8:37 AM ET.

Windows Mobile logoIna Fried reports at CNET that Microsoft slipped the release of Windows Mobile 7 (codenamed "Photon") to the second half of 2009 from what had been expected to be an early first half delivery.

The delay is a significant blow for the software maker, which has been counting on the next version of Windows Mobile to enable devices that better rival Apple’s iPhone. Among the features widely expected to be part of the release is advanced gesture recognition, perhaps along the lines of the iPhone, but possibly also using the camera as a means for reading gestures. Microsoft’s Tellme unit, which focuses on speech input, has also been working on Windows Mobile 7 features.

Not to mention Google’s Android phone operating system which was debuted yesterday by partner T-Mobile who will have their Android phone available on October 22. Android targets the same smartphone market segment as Windows Mobile 7.

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One Response to “Windows Mobile 7 ("Photon") delayed”

  1. Ballmer reveals Windows Mobile 6.5 in passing | Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] is a considerable slip from the previously rumored delayed date of 2H09. A source tells Neowin that Windows Mobile 6.5 could possibly ship in 1Q09.   Filed under [...]

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