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December 9, 2005

Windows Mobile “Photon” to unify Smartphone and Pocket PC

Posted by David Hunter at 5:39 PM ET.

Peter Rojas at engadget:

Alright, so Ryan and I are kicking it here in Seattle at Mobius, Microsoft’s invite-only conference about Windows Mobile and mobile devices (don’t worry, we paid our own way, we don’t accept junkets). Not a ton of news or product announcements, but we did just get a sneak peek at Photon, the codename for the next version of Windows Mobile.

The new OS is still “years” away, but the one thing they would confirm is that they’re finally going to unify the Smartphone and Pocket PC platforms, something they were supposedly going to do with Windows Mobile 5.0.

There are other reports on Photon from Michael Gartenberg and from msmobiles which also included:

Please note: Windows Mobile PHOTON still is years away (or so claims Microsoft in order not to hinder sales of Windows Mobile 5.0 devices) and before PHOTON there will be Windows Mobile CROSSBOW released probably as Windows Mobile 5.0 Second Edition.

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One Response to “Windows Mobile “Photon” to unify Smartphone and Pocket PC”

  1. Crossbow unveiling planned for Monday -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Photon is also supposed to finally unify the Pocket PC and Smartphone editions (by whatever name) which today generally require the development of two different versions of applications. [...]

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