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February 19, 2006

Windows Vista to deliver PC performance ratings

Posted by David Hunter at 1:40 PM ET.

Scott M. Fulton, III explains at TGDaily (Tom’s Hardware Guide):

In an interview earlier this week with ATI’s director of technical marketing, Alexis Mather, TG Daily learned that manufacturers such as ATI that are engineering their equipment for emerging Windows Vista performance specifications, are anticipating Microsoft to elevate the importance of the new OS’ System Performance Rating (WSPR), to a very high level of prominence. Soon after Vista’s formal introduction later this year, Mather believes, Microsoft, OEMs, retailers and other dealers, and even professional evaluators including the engineers at Tom’s Hardware Guide, will be utilizing Vista’s rating scale of 1 through 5, to distinguish the relative performance of all PCs available in the marketplace.

“[WSPR] effectively assigns a numerical rating between 1 and 5 to a PC, based on components such as the CPU, system memory speeds, disk speed, and two measurements in graphics,” Mather told TG Daily. He was prevented from going into detail about the formula used to derive the rating, which is apparently still under development.

There’s much more in the article including some Microsoft documentation mentioning the Windows System Performance Rating, but inevitably the punchline is:

“Ultimately, the PCs at the higher end of the scale will end up being somewhat more expensive,” he predicted.

Since there’s money involved, expect the WSPR to be the source of all sorts of angst and recriminations.

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One Response to “Windows Vista to deliver PC performance ratings”

  1. Vista performance rating system rears its head -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] The Windows Vista hardware performance rating system (mention here in February) is back in the news since the latest Vista CTP is now prominently displaying the rating numbers. Ina Fried and Tom Krazit at CNET: Microsoft is building into the new operating system a tool that will rate a PC based on how well it is running and on how much it can take advantage of Vista’s capabilities. [...]

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