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November 3, 2006

Xbox 360 gets a troublesome update

Posted by David Hunter at 7:25 PM ET.

On Halloween Microsoft released their fall dashboard update for the Xbox 360 and it turned out to be pretty scary for some users – Microsoft Correcting ‘Live’ Update That ‘Bricked’ Consoles:

When Microsoft issued their anticipated fall dashboard update on Tuesday, 1080p support wasn’t the only new feature, as several users started reporting ERROR CODE E71, which essentially “bricked” their console, rendering it unusable for surfing Xbox Live or playing games — you know, everything an Xbox 360 is useful for.

Apparently it was an attempt to trip up users who had modified their firmware for nefarious purposes, but some innocent folks are also falling down. Microsoft estimates the number at less than 1%.

The update was supposed to provide treats not tricks with 84 new features prominently including HD DVD and 1080p HD TV support in order to get ready for the Sony PS3 onslaught coming this month. There’s also the observation that the list of features makes it ever more clear that Microsoft is trying to convert the Xbox 360 into a center of home entertainment.

In other Xbox news:

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