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December 24, 2005

Xbox 360 News Notes: Microsoft’s 11 mistakes and more

Posted by David Hunter at 10:54 AM ET.

It’s near the end of the year and lists of all sorts are endemic, but “Alan” pens more than just an ordinary list in Xbox 360: Back to the Drawing Board for The Firing Squad. It details 11 mistakes Microsoft should correct in the Xbox 360 design and it’s thoughtful and constructive with no whining about shortages.

Speaking of shortages, Gamasutra notes that Dean Takahashi reports the latest from Redmond on why they can’t get more units out:

Various folks tell me it isn’t a problem with chip yields. I think it’s more of a systems issue, when the boxes come together.

The Gamasutra article also has this bad news:

Consumer website GameSpot has described new shipments since the launch as “very small”, and has indicated that it is still largely impossible to obtain a console unless it has been pre-ordered before the launch. Quoting a manager of a San Francisco EB Games store it is suggested that consoles will not begin to be freely available until February – the EB Games website even goes as far as to suggest March.

The situation is even worse in Europe, and with further launches in Australasia due for March it is seeming increasingly likely that Microsoft will not be able to fully meet Xbox 360 demand until well into 2006.

If you’re still pining for an Xbox 360 over the holidays, you can always head for Japan, where supplies are ample, or follow the lead of Sean Alexander and build your own super-duper online Xbox 360 supply tracking alert service. No joke, although the word is now out and there may be a high tech arms race.

Finally, we know the bucks for Microsoft aren’t in the console itself, but they’re making money off more than just the games. Check out Microsoft Announces Xbox Live Diamond Card Program. It’s a discount card for various retailers with your Xbox Live Gamer Tag on it.

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