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January 2, 2007

Xbox 360 sales hang in there for the holidays

Posted by David Hunter at 12:26 PM ET.

There are only partial reports yet, but the market analysts at NPD are teasing on North American retail store sales:

According to the firm’s preliminary estimates, as reported by CNBC, around 2 million Xbox 360 units were sold in North America from November up until December 25.

The figure for Nintendo Wii stood at 1.8 million units – despite the fact the console only launched in North America on November 19, and the first batch of stock sold out within hours.

Sony’s PS3 shortage left them with only 750,000 sales, but I’ll also be interested to see how the PS2 does.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Wii sales surge in Japan according to Media Create Co. Ltd.:

With the latest figures, Nintendo sits on the cusp of selling its millionth Wii console in Japan. To Dec. 24, a total of 824,311 units have been sold, putting the million mark well within reach during the last week of the year as long as the company can keep supplies flowing into shops. In contrast, total sales of the PlayStation 3, which has been on sale for 3 weeks longer than Wii, totaled 385,791 units due to lower supply.

The figures also delivered some good news for Microsoft Corp. Sales of the Xbox 360 were 17,213 units, which is almost unchanged from the week earlier and still well above their level in November.

The good news is clearly relative of course.

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3 Responses to “Xbox 360 sales hang in there for the holidays”

  1. North America holiday PC sales strong -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Not only is NPD out with estimates of holiday Xbox sales in North America at retail stores, they also have the same skinny on PC sales. Joe Wilcox has the story at Microsoft Watch: NPD’s holiday retail sales data–for the five weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas–show sustained holiday PC sales, even without Windows Vista. PCs sales continued the trend foreshadowed by fairly strong Black Friday sales results. … In terms of notebook units sold through retail stores, there was a 58 percent increase year over year, according to NPD. Revenue rose 26 percent, with ASP (average selling price) of $777, down $202 from the same period last year. [...]

  2. Microsoft gets 50% of US December next gen game console sales, Nintendo strong worldwide -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Microsoft isn’t mentioned because their Japanese sales are in the noise, but it looks like Nintendo might well have the leading game console worldwide for December. And if you don’t mind my hitting my favorite nail once again, Nintendo makes money on every one, unlike Microsoft and Sony. As for Sony, the game may change when they get their production glitches sorted, but they’re clearly playing catch up. [...]

  3. Microsoft to launch Xbox 360 in China? -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Aside from the government, there are also the language and cultural differences (e.g. Xbox 360 in Japan), not to mention the the question of widespread availability of spare income in Chinese households for videogaming. Look at it this way: If it were low hanging fruit, Microsoft would already have grabbed it. Filed under Xbox, Governmental Relations, General Business, Microsoft [...]

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