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November 16, 2005

Xbox Live Marketplace open for business

Posted by David Hunter at 2:36 PM ET.

Ed Oswald at BetaNews:

Microsoft said on Tuesday that it was making available over 400 pieces of downloadable content through the Xbox Live Marketplace, including interactive demos of games, as well as free and premium add-ons for games, movie trailers and music videos.

To serve the younger gamer, credit cards will not be required to purchase goods. Premium content will be paid through a new stored-value system called Microsoft Points. These points are available for purchase at retail locations and online through the Xbox Live Dashboard.

Using Microsoft Points, users will be able to purchase gamer pictures, themes, and even full game downloads from the Xbox Live Arcade, the company said.

The Marketplace will become available when the Xbox 360 console launches on November 22.

Check it out here. Joe Wilcox has some further thoughts including:

I’m thinking that at least initially, the killer application here might not be the day one games so much as Xbox Live and Xbox Live Marketplace.

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3 Responses to “Xbox Live Marketplace open for business”

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    [...] More by following the link. EA is starting slowly with an expansion pack for Battlefield 2, but with widespread broadband, digital delivery of games is bound to arrive for both PC games and consoles. Another example is the Xbox Live Marketplace which was just unveiled and will be selling “arcade games” and add-ons for regular games, if not yet the games themselves.   [link] [...]

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