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January 25, 2006

Yahoo techies aghast at CFO revelation

Posted by David Hunter at 10:38 AM ET.

The reactions among prominent Yahoo techies to Yahoo CFO Sue Decker’s comment that Yahoo Search would be content to retain its second-to-Google market share range from dubious claims of “out of context” quoting to a list of all the enhancements Yahoo is making in search. My interest in this is purely as an indication of competition for Microsoft’s MSN Search and frankly I’m not convinced that Yahoo has the will to play. It wouldn’t be the first time in the history of technology companies that financial folks surprised the techies. If Yahoo really wants to do some damage control, they need to trot out Sue Decker to merely say she misspoke, but that won’t completely fix it either, of course.

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One Response to “Yahoo techies aghast at CFO revelation”

  1. Gsprague Says:

    Yahoo appears to be giving up on its Financial
    information service. Why would advertisers be
    so ignorant as to post their advertising on
    inoperable web pages? I wouldn’t want to be
    in these advertisting executives shoes when
    their CEO’s find out about this waste of their
    advertising dollars. (Yahoo Finance)Historical Prices)
    Fidelity,AmeriTrade,ScotTrade, & E-Trade you
    are throwing your money away.

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