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June 22, 2007

Zune same old, same old

Posted by David Hunter at 4:38 PM ET.

Microsoft confirmed the prediction from last month that they will have shipped 1 million Zunes to the channel by the end of June. That’s not 1 million Zunes in customers’ hands, of course. More exciting for the beleaguered Zune team were the NPD stats for May that showed the Zune with 11.3 percent of hard disk MP3 player sales at US big box stores. That’s up a bit from April’s 9.2 percent.

In other recent Zune news (most links via Zune News Site), Microsoft finally shipped the watermelon red Zune and the Halo 3 special edition Zune while rumors abound about a new flash memory Zune codenamed Draco due by the holiday shopping season. Last but not least, the young gentleman who had the Zune logo and the Zune rabbit petter tattoed on his shoulders has ”finally drawn the attention of Microsoft itself, which has decided to fly its biggest fan out to Redmond and give him the star treatment.” That should be good for a few percentage points although which way is hard to tell.

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One Response to “Zune same old, same old”

  1. How come nobody told me that "people-ready" was cool? -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Check out the site for yourself and note that the latest spelling has lost the original hyphen. That probably entailed a lot of sleepless nights by the creative team and yet many of the writers didn’t get the message. Oh, the horror! Perhaps it would have helped if they had gotten tattoos. Filed under General Business, Marketing, Microsoft [...]

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